The Hope For Change Foundation recently donated $10,000 to White Plains Hospital. Below you will find information from the hospital on the breast cancer research project. Thank you to all who support the HFC and continue to do so.  Without you we would not be able to make such a large donation to such a good cause.


Research Opportunity at White Plains Hospital

White Plains Hospital is committed to providing the finest patient-centered healthcare.  The Breast Program at White Plains Hospital remains an active community resource in identifying research opportunities and clinical trials to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer. 

We have identified a need for nutrition and exercise education for individuals diagnosed and treated for cancer including breast cancer.  We propose to implement a program which offers opportunities to individuals with a recent diagnosis of cancer specifically geared towards nutrition and exercise education.  Persons may benefit from individualized nutrition consults, group education sessions, as well as a tailored exercise regimen to optimize their health and overall well being.

Given the important philanthropic support of breast cancer research by The Hope For Change Foundation, the Hospital is eager to explore their newly formed partnership.